Hatha yoga originally meant the physical practice of yoga; the poses rather than the breathing exercises.

The term now is often used when a few different yoga styles are combined to create a simple class that’s good for beginners learning to do basic poses.

Hatha yoga is best to train your flexibility.

Yoga is made up of three parts: physical poses, controlled breathing and meditation.

Taken together, these three yoga elements are great for the brain.  Each yoga pose is made up of many different actions.

Doing a yoga pose correctly takes a lot of concentration. Juggling all the sensations of a difficult yoga pose. while also focusing on staying in the correct position, is a terrific exercise for the brain in your first try!

Yoga takes focus.  Doing yoga makes people stop thinking about their worries in order to make sure they are doing the poses correctly.

At yoga class, people often have brief break from the things that cause them stress.  Over time, it can really help a person’s mood.  People who practice yoga regularly report feeling happier and less worried.


Have you ever told a worried friend to take a deep breath?

Controlled breathing called pranayama, is a very important part of yoga.  It involves taking long deep breaths that are linked to different asanas.

It sometimes involves holding the breath for a few seconds.  This might sound simple, but it requires focus and self control.

It is a great exercises to boost the brain’s ability to concentrate.

Three Yoga Elements

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