Yoga is fun, relaxing and good for you.

You can practice yoga by yourself or with your friends.  You can even head to a yoga class to meet cool new people.  You also has some amazing benefits for your mind, body and soul.

Most people get into yoga for its physical benefits.  Yoga has a reputation as a safe way to build muscle, increase flexibility and improve overall health.  Asanas challenge people to hold strenuous postures for several breaths.

In a yoga practice, people often string together long sequences of asanas to work the muscles in the whole body.

why yoga


Researchers have discovered some amazing ways that yoga helps the body.  They have learned that yoga can help people breathe, balance and develop better posture.

Yoga makes it easier for people to recover from injuries, by reducing pain or helping people cope with discomfort.  Doctors have been learned that yoga can improve the strength of people’s bones.

Yoga is especially good for people who spend a lot of time sitting.  It stretches and strengthens the muscles in the spine, legs, hips and arms.  These areas can grow stiff or tense after long period of time in a chair or on a couch.  Number of cruncher and video game addicts are stepping onto yoga mat to undo some of the damage their jobs and hobbies have caused.

Many yoga poses are isometric exercises.  This means that they challenge a person to hold a muscle in a tensed position without moving. Pike headstand pose, for example, is a good isometric exercises.  It involves keeping the abdomen, legs, arms and back tensed for several breaths.

Pike headstand yoga pose


It turns out there is a chemical reason, that yoga makes you feel so good.

Practicing yoga helps your brain release natural chemicals called endorphins.  These are often called the brain’s ‘feel good’ hormones because they can dramatically boost a person’s mood.

Some people compare the release of endorphins to the euphoric feeling that long distance runners sometimes get.